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Friday Night Book Salon with Wendy Goldman Rohm

Why take the class? To be a better writer. To gain insider insight into the publishing industry. To develop a valuable set of tools you won't learn about anywhere else.
This class fills up fast, so sign up now!

6 meetings on Fridays, July 13th - August 17th
At The Writers Junction
Cost: $650
*** $50 discount extended to all Writers Junction members ***
Limited Seats Available
Open to members & non-members, but discount for members only.

The course is inspired by the original series of Masters Teas that Ms. Rohm presented at Yale University. This Friday night series will be playful and relaxed, and we'll be offering snacks, wine, and beverages while exploring many entertaining dimensions of narrative. 

In this 6-week intensive, you will embark on an adventure, a journey into your own ideas that will be full of surprises, challenges, and revelations.  Writers will be given a foundation on which to build something solid, beautiful, and long-lasting. Participants will generate new material and fine tune existing material, and breakthrough story problems and blocks.

 During our interactive sessions, you will explore:
  • How to Define and Create Your Most Compelling Book or Story: Conscious and Unconscious Processes
  • The Elements of Structure
  • Creating Plot, Place and Character Outlines for Any Genre
  • Active Versus Passive Writing: Some Tips, Tools and Techniques
  • Identifying Your Audience
  • The Role of Research in both Fiction and Nonfiction
  • Developing Your Voice and Point of View
  • How to Stay On Track
  • The Role of Exclusive and Original Material
  • Sourcing Tips and Techniques
  • How to Present Your Book to Agents and Publishers
The class will meet for six sessions on Friday from 7:30pm-10:30pm, July 13th to August 17th.   

This workshop will be held at The Writers Junction, located at 1001 Colorado Avenue, Santa Monica. 

$650. A $50 discount will be extended to all Writers Junction members.  

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Wendy Goldman Rohm, New York Times best-selling author and literary agent, has taught and lectured for MediaBistro, Yale University, onboard the QEII, and at numerous universities and organizations in the US, Europe and Asia. She has presented her writing and book workshops since 2002. The workshops were originally inspired by her Masters Teas at Yale University. Rohm's work has been published by Random House, The New York Times Syndicate International, Wired magazine, Tina Brown's Talk magazine, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, Financial Times of London, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Vogue, Playboy magazine and many others. She's also been a literary agent and author for Sterling Lord Literistic, New York; The Waxman Agency, NY; Waterside Productions, Cardiff-by-the-Sea, Calif.; and founded The Rohm Agency ( to represent emerging authors of fiction and nonfiction. Rohm has appeared as a commentator on numerous national and international television and radio broadcasts, including The Today Show, NBC Nightly News, and numerous programs on CNN, BBC, CNBC, PBS, NPR and others. She welcomes contact at:  

From Wendy's Students:

"Whatever stage of writing your book you find yourself - not yet started or almost done - Wendy's classes are sure to fill in missing pieces and break through stumbling blocks. Whether it's through her unique guided meditation method, where she navigates you through scenes in your own book with her soft voice, or running you through the ins and outs of getting published with her natural business savvy, you are sure to benefit from her tips and techniques that will get your book finished and at the door of publishers."
 ~AG, Bangkok, 2011

"The class has literally changed my life in many ways. I knew I had stories to tell but I also knew I didn't have the tools to create a gripping narrative. Attending the Retreat, listening to Wendy's sage advice and following her practical guidance, has been a godsend. An unexpected bonus was how warm, intelligent and helpful the other members of the group were. I really didn't expect to have the privilege of feedback from such educated, experienced and wise classmates. In addition to learning how to write my best and in my best voice, I also acquired a new circle of friends. So, what can I say about having attended the Paris Writers Retreat? I guess 'Lucky me!' says it all."
~N. Lane, Paris, France

"Wendy is a fantastic instructor and this course is a great starting point for someone who is thinking about getting a book published, but just doesn't know where to start. Wendy was down-to-earth, accessible and honest - the class encouraged me to keep working on my writing, and helped me know what to expect from the literary industry."
~Marthe Druska

"Wendy Goldman Rohm's students get published! Three writers in my group alone got major publishing contracts after taking her course!"
~Bess Gallanis, author, Chicago

"If you have a great idea for a book and need a primer on how to shop the idea and develop a great book proposal, this is the class. Wendy offers great advice and walks you through the process of getting your nonfiction book idea published. She's very approachable and makes time to help you. I'd like to take a longer workshop with her as I develop my book proposal! I thought it was time and money well spent!"
~Mike Reilley

"Wendy ran the best workshop ever!  The classes are exceptional.  I have done the Iowa Workshops for non-fiction books, and although they are excellent, Wendy's are more helpful and inspirational, i.e., they translate into moving projects forward with a lot of creative intensity."
 ~Darcy Evon, author, Smithsonian scholar, Chicago Sun-Times columnist

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  1. Wendy is fantastic. I watched her workshop a group in Paris. The writers all said she had a magical way of pulling things out of them. Also read her new article in Playboy, this July issue. She is a really good writer.