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Apply the Enneagram System to Your Story Structure with Jeff Lyons!

Can't pin down that ever-elusive story structure? Join us for Jeff Lyons's workshop on July 22nd, and find out how his phenomenal story development method can apply the Enneagram system to your structure!

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How to Use the Enneagram-Story Bridge to Become a Master Storyteller
A Workshop with Storygeeks' Jeff Lyons
Sunday, July 22nd
Limited Seats Available
open to members & non-members
1001 Colorado Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90401

At a Glance: 
  • Ninety minute introductory lecture on how to use the Enneagram system to discover and develop the right, true, and natural structure of any story.
  • Covers the fundamentals of the Enneagram system, its history, applications, and relevance for storytellers.
  • Discusses the fundamentals of story structure principles and how the Enneagram is fundamental to the creative writing process.
  • Introduces the Enneagram-Story Bridge™ and the essentials of Rapid Story Development™.
  • Appropriate for screenwriters, novelists, and creative nonfiction authors. 
Storytelling is not dependent on any form; a story can be painted, danced, written, staged, or mimed. But all stories are dependent upon having a structure. Every story has one. Every story must have one. This presentation describes a new and powerful story development methodology that can guide participants through the intricate process of developing any story idea into its right, true, and natural structure. The key to success lies in understanding the dynamic and intimate relationship between story structure principles and the Enneagram system.

The Enneagram is the most powerful system available today that describes the nine core personality drives underlying all human behavior. Each of the nine personality drives is rooted in thoughts, feelings, and actions that largely determine how we interact with the world, for good or ill. Everyone has an Enneagram -- including fictional characters and stories themselves! Story structure and the Enneagram are two must-have tools every writer needs in their writing toolbox. This introductory lecture reveals how any story's structure is related to, and determined by, the Enneagrams of the characters that populate any story. Every story knows how it should best be told. If you can cross the Enneagram-Story Bridge, this lecture can teach you how to listen to your story so that you can be a master at telling any story.

If you are ready to learn real tools that will lead to productive and profitable story development, then this lecture is for you. Sign up today!

About Jeff Lyons:
Jeff Lyons is an independent writer-producer with more than 25 years' experience in the entertainment and publishing industries. His company, Storygeeks, is a professional services company offering story consulting, training, and editorial services for authors, screenwriters, indie producers, and indie literary agencies.


"Jeff Lyons's mind-blowingly brilliant combo of the Enneagram and innovative story structure shakes things up and virtually reinvents the storytelling wheel. I'm hooked!"
~Caroline Leavitt: New York Times Bestselling Author of Pictures of You, Award-winning UCLA Novel Writing instructor, Book Critic

"Jeff's method for developing story is deceptively simple yet wildly effective. Following his steps at the beginning of my writing process has saved me hours of painful rewriting down the line. Highly recommended for screenwriters and novelists alike!"
~Teresa Huang: Staff Writer NBC's Knight Rider (2010)

"Jeff Lyons's unique insights on the Enneagram and its impact on story structure is at once comprehensible and enlightening. Since making use of it, my characters have sprung to authentic life. All writers should give this a try." 
~Masha Hamilton: Award-winning Author 31 Hours, The Camel Bookmobile; Journalist

"Unlike most writing gurus, Jeff Lyons is actually a real writer. He not only 'gets' story at its deepest level, he can guide even a novice writer through the steps necessary to create a polished, commercial screenplay or novel. Hire him!"
~Stephen David Brooks-Writer / Director Heads N TailZ

"Jeff Lyons has an impeccable grasp of story. Grounded in the fundamentals, with a deep understanding of what makes characters tick, Jeff is a superlative instructor, coach and mentor. Storygeeks is the best!"
~Julie Gray-Founder 'Just Effing Entertain Me'

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