Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What We Did Today

by Leigh-Ann and Daniel

Hi, I'm Leigh-Ann and this is my Spark partner, Daniel. Today, we watched the first two minutes of a movie called INCEPTION. First we watched it with no sound and we tried to see what was going on. I learned that you can also understand a movie by the way they use the camera. I had a feeling inside me like something bad was going to happen and Daniel had a moody feeling inside him. We've noticed what we can see in a movie with no sound. We watched it over a few times and then with sound and saw what was really going on with all the noises and sound effects. We also did storyboards and wrote stories with some dialogue. I had fun doing these activities and of course watching the movie that looks really interesting.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Story by Leigh-Ann and Daniel

 There was once a little girl named Lily. She lived in the countryside and one day she decided to go for a long walk. When she left for a walk, she saw a thing coming closer to her but it was coming from the sky. She got scared and hid under an oak tree. She heard a loud sound and then she saw a Roman person looking at her. They stared at each other for a few minutes because she couldnt believe her eyes. The Roman said to her, "You must come with us to help us with our duties." Lily got so scared she ran back home and gave her mom such a big hug. Her mom knew Lily had got in to bad mischief. "Knock knock" -- the Roman was trying to get in but Lily told her mom, "don't open the door!" but it was too late. The Roman knocked down the door and grabbed Lily and took her back to the space ship and flew her to another place she had never seen. After that, no one has seen or heard of Lily again.