Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Get a Quick Dose of Theater

Check out these One-Minute Plays by many great playwrights including Junction writer Larissa FastHorse at...
East LA Rep

Saturday, December 11 & Sunday, December 12
All shows at 8:00 pm
Admission - $15
Tickets available at the door, but RSVPs appeciated.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Member Happy Hour

Junction Function:
Have a drink and hang an ornament on our tree!
December 1

We've gone too long without a Junction Members Only happy hour.  The time has come.  Beat the post-Thanksgiving, 5-day-workweek blues with tree trimming at The Junction!
Meet a member you never even knew you didn't even know.


Monday, November 15, 2010

New Date for Paul Attanasio at USC => Dec. 1, 2010

Please come join M.G. Lord's USC Masters of Professional Writing (science-writing) class as she will be hosting:
Film and TV writer Paul Attanasio!

NEW DATE: Dec. 1!!! - Paul Attanasio (Oscar-nominated for Quiz Show, Executive Producer of House)


Wednesday, December 1st, 2010 @ 7:00PM

New Location!!: Taper Hall (THH) 102

Free and Open to the Public

Please RSVP to

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Aspiring Journalists! Master Class in Narrative Journalism

Writers Junction Member Mike Kessler is teaching the following class toward a Certificate in Journalism at UCLA Extension January 11, 2010 - March 8, 2010:

Master Class in Narrative Journalism: Turning Facts into Stories

Call it what you like--narrative journalism, literary journalism, New Journalism--it all means the same thing: riveting, character-driven articles about the issues, pitfalls, and victories that affect individuals, groups, and sometimes the world. That can mean a death-row knuckle-clencher, a profile of the neighborhood grandma, or a curtain-raiser about a government department awash with corruption--and you can write about any of these once you acquire the right tools and understanding of the form. Because powerful narrative journalism requires multiple revisions, you spend nine weeks reporting, writing, and revising just two articles, with the goal of making at least one of them ready for publication in a newspaper, magazine, journal, or website. Along the way, you deconstruct great works of narrative journalism, learn how to identify and develop story-worthy characters; optimize reporter-subject relationships; develop characters; recognize and humanize complicated topics and themes; employ structure and pacing; and write clearly, using one's own voice. Includes guest lectures from accomplished journalists. Prerequisite: Proficiency in college-level writing. X 432 Reporting and Writing I recommended, but not required. Elective course in toward Certificates in Journalism.
UCLA: 154 Dodd Hall 
Tuesday, 7-10pm, 
January 11 - March 8 
9 meetings total

Monday, November 1, 2010

Science & the Screenplay - Two Great Free Lectures at USC

Learn from Michael Tolkin (THE PLAYER, DEEP IMPACT) & Paul Attanasio (QUIZ SHOW, DONNIE BRASCO) for FREE!  Visit MG Lord's Masters of Professional Writing science-writing class for discussion and Q&A into the art and craft of writing science.

From the USC Masters of Writing Program:

Michael L. Tolkin has written numerous screenplays, including The Player (1992), which he adapted from his 1988 book by the same name, and for which he received the 1993 Edgar Award for Best Motion Picture Screenplay. A follow-up book, Return of the Player, was published in 2006. For M. G. Lord's science class, he will discuss his screenplay for Deep Impact (1998)--and the real science about asteroids that went into it.


Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010 @ 7:00PM

Taper Hall (THH) 102

Free and Open to the Public




NEW DATE: Dec. 1!!! - Paul Attanasio (Oscar-nominated for Quiz Show, Executive Producer of House)


Wednesday, December 1st, 2010 @ 7:00PM

New Location!!: Taper Hall (THH) 102

Free and Open to the Public

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Junction Function with Corey Mandell: Why Most People Fail at Screenwriting & How To Give Yourself the Best Possible Chance at Success

Why Most People Fail at Screenwriting & How to Give Yourself the Best Possible Chance At Success
Seminar with Corey Mandell
Thursday, November 11th


must R.S.V.P. here
open to members & non-members
1001 Colorado Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90401
We certainly are not saying you're failures, and we know you are not most people, but we do want you to have the best possible chance to succeed.  So, come to this free two hour writer salon hosted by accomplished writer & UCLA professor
Corey Mandell to learn five main reasons people fail at screenwriting.  You'll come away with specific insights and hands-on tools that can help give you the best possible shot at success. Perfect for experienced screenwriters as well as beginners.  

What if most of what's being taught about screenwriting is wrong?  What if the rules, paradigms and secrets widely touted in books, seminars and classes not only don't improve your chances of making it, but could actually sabotage you?  And what if there were specific skill sets nobody talks about that could dramatically boost your chance for success?

Corey Mandell has developed a methodology to avoid those pitfalls and you have a chance to learn all about it for FREE!

About Corey Mandell:
Corey Mandell is an award-winning playwright and screenwriter who has written projects for Ridley Scott, Wolfgang Petersen, Harrison Ford, John Travolta, Warner Brothers, Universal, 20th Century Fox, Fox 2000, Fox Family, Working Title, Paramount, Live Planet, Beacon Films, Touchstone, Trilogy, Radiant and Walt Disney Pictures. 

Corey is also a distinguished instructor at UCLA, where he earned his MFA.  His students have gone on to sell or option scripts to Warner Brothers, Paramount, Sony Pictures, Disney, Fox, Fox 2000, MGM, Universal, Showtime, USA Network and Lifetime. Others have gained admission to the USC Graduate Screenwriting Program, the AFI Conservatory Screenwriting Program and Sundance Screenwriter's Lab.
From Corey's Students:
No one, and I mean no one, is teaching what Corey is teaching.  This is the best workshop I have ever attended.  There is no way to describe how beneficial it is.  I always felt close as a screenwriter, but after taking this workshop I was able to make the necessary changes in my writing and recently sold my first script to Paramount. 
~Michael Helvin, writer of The Lesser Heart.
I'd written 11 screenplays without any success. During that time I read every screenwriting book and attended all the seminars. After four weeks with Corey I FINALLY knew why my scripts didn't work, and more importantly, what to do about it. I used everything he taught me to write a script that landed me a manager and then my first script option. THANK YOU. 
~Monica Owens, writer of Timebends
Every client I sent to work with Corey has taken great leaps and bounds. His techniques are ingenious, unique and valuable for both beginners and seasoned professionals.  I can't recommend it enough. 
~Jeff Graup, Literary Manager, Graup Entertainment
Corey's instruction is ground-breakingly brilliant. I received my MFA in Filmmaking where I took dozens of screenwriting courses.  My thesis film won the Gold Medal at the Student Academy Awards.  I have representation as a writer/director.  I have written five screenplays in the last two years.  I've read every book there is on the subject.  I don't say this to brag.  I say this to make a point.  Corey's class is the biggest wake up call of my life.  I have devoted tremendous time, effort, and money to the craft of screenwriting, yet Corey's class is the best investment of them all.   I've never witnessed such drastic improvement in my writing in just a few short weeks.  
~Patrick Alexander, writer and director of Rundown 
Over the years, I've developed an impressive distaste for screenwriting courses.  Most offer little more than paint by numbers formulas and inapplicable industry advice.  But Corey's class is the exception to the rule.  It was a wake up call to me.  Corey's teaching method is so unique, so singular, and effective it made me wonder how I ever wrote without it.  It's hands down, the best class out there!
~Gary Lundy, writer of A Happening of Monumental Proportions and  Stache
Taking Corey's class was the single best thing I've done. I learned more from working with Corey than from all the other books and classes I've encountered put together. I can't sing his praises enough. 
~Lauren Ludwig, ABC's The Gates
Corey is by far the best writing teacher I've ever had and taught me techniques I had never heard of before or since.  After finishing his class I landed an agent and my first produced writing credit on the A&E show The Beast.  I sill consult the notes from Corey's class in my writing as they've been indispensable. 
~Keith Schreier
After taking Corey's seminar I had a whole new perspective on what makes a film great.  The techniques and tools he gave us applied to every client's screenplay, regardless of genre, and I'm amazed that no one has taught this approach previously. I highly recommend people take the time to hear what he has to say and absorb it. 
~Richard Demato, Literary Manager and Partner, Fuse Entertainment
I feel as if I've been liberated from Story Structure Hell.  I never could fit myself into those formulas and yet felt guilty and inadequate that I was unable to make it work according to their edicts. It always felt constricting and wrong.  Thank you for showing me a sane way out.  
~Jennifer Hoffman

The Junction

Monday, October 18, 2010

This week's NYT "Lives" column by TWJ Member Aaron Bloom!

A must-read:  this week's acrobatic "Lives" column in the New York Times Magazine by Junction member Aaron Bloom.  You can't make this stuff up.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

West Hollywood Book Fair - Sunday, Sept. 26, 2010

The Junction will be at the West Hollywood Book Fair this Sunday, Sept. 26th so come by booth E22 to say hello to us and to WordHustler and to The Nervous Breakdown - we'll all be raffling cool stuff.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Why Not Try White Noise To Help You Focus?

Check out - a free site that broadcasts varieties of that fuzzy background sound.  It offers pink, brown and white noise (we didn't know what they all were either).  Some writers at The Junction swear by it to keep distracting noises out (not that we have any distracting noises here, no!) and the creative juices flowing.  Try it with Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones for an insanely hyper-focused environment.
If the sound bar takes too long to load, try the Simply Noise Classic interface.
What are these colored noises?  White noise and pink noise are produced by combining sounds of all different frequencies together.  Pink noise emphasizes lower frequencies, and, from what we can gather, brown noise emphasizes even lower ones.   
If you oscillate the pink or brown noise, it sounds a lot like the ocean.  Apparently some people use this sound to help them sleep. We've had all three sound choices on just while writing this post and are quite surprised to find ourselves feeling both calmer and more focused.  

Ok, time to nap work.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Apply for the Annenberg Beach House Writing Residency

You could have your own large private office in the beautiful, historic, seaside Marion Davies Beach House. Apply to be the Writer in Residence by September 24 for a November 2010 - January 2011 residency - the idea is to complete a work in progress.

We are rooting for a Writers Junction member to be the next Annenberg Writer in Residence! 

From the Santa Monica Beach House: 
In honor of Marion Davies’ own artistry and her support of artists, and to further the work of the City of Santa Monica to promote culture and the arts, a Resident Writer will be working in the historic Marion Davies Guest House and giving public readings and events through November, December and January, 2010-2011. The Writer in Residence will be followed by a Choreographer in Residence, call to be posted in December. If you are interested in applying to or forwarding this info, please download the Writer Residency Application towards the top of the page at:

THIS would be your residence (at least, your work residence.):

If you don't yet know why the Beach House is so glam, read here.  

Monday, August 23, 2010

Bring Your Short Story to the Big Screen!

Announcing the Page to Screen Writing Contest!

For all information about this contest please visit the link HERE

WordHustler and The Nervous Breakdown are pleased to announce the Page-to-Screen Short Story Contest! For decades, Hollywood has turned to short fiction for inspiration, starting with the printed page and ending with some of the most memorable movies in cinema history. Films like Memento, American Splendor, Minority Report, The Rear Window, The Wild One, Brokeback Mountain, Rashomon, A Christmas Story, and 2001: A Space Odyssey all have their origins in the short story form. 
Deadline: MIDNIGHT - December 15th, 2010

Entry Fee: $15

What to Submit: A short story under 10,000 words (aka under 30 pages), along with a cover letter. Manuscript critiques are also available for an additional fee of $25/story. Simply add $25 to the "Additional Fee" section of the checkout, bringing your total additional fees to $40, and our WordHustler Editors will provide you with a detailed critique of your story. Stories of any genre considered.

Judged by: Sara Gruen, Author of WATER FOR ELEPHANTS (Feature film coming out 2011) and APE HOUSE, coming out from Random House September 2010

Grand Prize: Publication and Featured Author Slot on, an Amazon Kindle, and Final Draft Screenwriting Software!

Second and Third Place Prizes: Powell's Gift Certificates

BONUS PRIZE: The Top Ten Entries will ALL be read and considered for screen adaptation by a panel of four Entertainment Industry Executives! Talk about page to screen!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Screenwriting Expo Contest Deadline Tuesday night, Aug. 24

FINAL Deadline - Tuesday Night!!
$30,000+ in cash prizes and great exposure.  

The 2010 Creative Screenwriting Expo Screenplay Contest is open for submissions now. 

What they say about the contest:The Expo contest gets you three things most contests cannot offer: access, education, and promotion.

With one of the largest grand prizes in any screenplay contest and the power ofCreative Screenwriting to promote its winners better to a wider audience than anyone else, the Expo Contest is the one contest you should save for this year.
And, Tuesday is the FINAL chance to enter! 

Register for the Expo and take advantage of excellent panels, classes, contests & networking:

Thursday, August 19, 2010

CB2 Coolest Space Contest

Help us win $10,000 to spend at CB2!
CB2 is hosting a coolest space contest over the next month and we entered The Writers Junction! The space with the highest number of votes has a chance to win a $10,000 spending card. This could do great things for The Writers Junction. Please, take the time and just click VOTE at HERE! Only takes a second!
Thanks for your time,
The Writers Junction

For more information about this contest visit

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

UCLA Writers Faire - Volunteer for The Junction!


What: Volunteer at our table at the UCLA Writers Faire & receive 5 extra Junction guest passes and our eternal gratitude.
When: Sunday, August 22 - 10am-3pm
Where: UCLA Young Hall Courtyard - Parking $10 in Structure 2

Email us
here if you're interested!

The Junction will have a table at the UCLA Writers Faire this Sunday, 10am-3pm.  Stop by if you are attending the faire!  Volunteer an hour of your time at our table and receive 5 extra free Junction Guest Passes.

The event is free, so why not come, spend an hour gushing about The Junction, the tour around to the other tables, grab a bite at the Nom Nom truck and catch a panel discussion while you're at it?

Download the schedule here.  Junction Member Mark Sarvas will be on the Creating Compelling Fictional Characters Panel at 11:50am.
Campus map here - Type "Young Hall" to find the courtyard.

From UCLA:
This festive day features 24 free mini-classes and panel discussions in creative writing and screenwriting, hosted by fall Writers' Program instructors.  Students get free writing instruction, chat with instructors, register for most fall courses at a 10 percent discount, learn more about the Writers' Program, discuss goals with advisors, and visit with graduate writing programs, community and professional organizations, and writing-allied businesses.

Hope to see you there!
The Junction

Friday, August 13, 2010

Author Panel "Sophomore Success" - Watch the Video!

Sophomore Success: Author Panel at The Writers Junction 24-Hour Literary Marathon from Writers Junction on Vimeo.

We're so pleased to be able to share video from the fantastic Author Panel "Sophomore Success" at our 24-Hour Literary Marathon.  
Authors Brooke BermanBrad ListiMark Sarvas, & Deirdre Shaw  shared their insights from publishing their first novel.  See what lessons they'll bring with them into their second.  Hear about choosing agents, fighting for your cover, grass roots organizing, attacking social marketing, hiring a publicist and generally standing up for yourself and your work.  Learn from their mistakes!  Don't do what they did!  Or do do what they did.  See for yourself.  Check out the video.  

Main take-away: You are your book's best advocate. (Cheat sheet at 56 min and 40 seconds.)

Brooke Berman - No Place Like Home: A Memoir in 39 Apartments
Brad Listi - Attention. Deficit. Disorder.
TWJ member Mark Sarvas - Harry, Revised
TWJ member Deirdre Shaw - Love or Something Like It
Moderator: Eileen Gibson Funke - co-founder of The Junction      

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Relax & Write - with Maia Danziger

Junction Function
Relax & Write - with Maia Danziger
Tuesday, August 17th
must R.S.V.P. here
open to members & non-members
1001 Colorado Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90401
Shake that fear of the blank page...
Writing consultant Maia Danziger will run a one-evening workshop for The Writers Junction that is typically exclusive to her clients only.  
Check out the Relax & Write website here.

A few lucky attendees will be able to have their writing workshopped by Maia!

Maia works with established and up and coming writers to unlock intuition and creativity in a safe and nonjudgmental setting.   With guided meditation and an open, playful, and practical ear, she helps her students access and express their inner voice.  Writers return home with a writing method that forges a repeatable path, a clear and easily accessible way to get deep writing done.

But don't take our word for it...
After sixteen years of steady work as a screenwriter, with Maia's help I feel that I am at last beginning to listen to a voice within me that has been quiet for too long, and to give that voice a place in my writing.
~Susan Shilliday, Screenwriter, A Wrinkle in Time, Legends of The Fall, 
I Dreamed of Africa, Thirtysomething

More than a teacher, more than a coach, Danziger is an alchemist-Relax & Writehelps you discover your unique blend of talent, tenacity, and lo and behold, maybe just a touch of genius.
~Beverly Kopf, writer, The View

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

24 Hour Literary Marathon is here! Incredible Performances!


9 AM- Dennis Cruz - spoken word
9:20 AM- Johnny Walker - comedy
10 AM- Ashaki Jackson* - poetry
11:20 AM- Karen Forman & Co - improv
1 PM- Drew Droege - comedic essay
2 PM- David Francis - prose fiction Stray Dog Winter
2:20 PM - Ben Weber*- special scene specifically for the 24-hour marathon!
3 PM- James Greer - music/prose
3:40 PM- Lindsey Goldstein - memoir
4:30 PM- Author Panel featuring Deirdre Shaw*, Brad Listi, Mark Sarvas*, and Brooke Berman  
6 PM- LIFE UNEXPECTED Panel - featuring creator Liz Tigelaar & star Shiri Appleby
7 PM- Jose Rivera with Sona Tatoyan excerpt from premiere novel Love Makes the City Crumble
7:30 PM- Jillian Lauren - Some Girls: My Life in a Harem
7:50 PM- Joseph Powell - poetry
8 PM- Mark Rizzo* - comedic piece (about Scranton, PA people!)
8:20 PM - Dave Yaden - music performance
8:40 PM- Garrett Socol - play
9 PM- Mahogany Improv Group - Upright Citizens Brigade improv
10 PM- Ben Loory - prose short story
10:20 PM- John Singleton - poetry
10:40 PM- Nicole Wells - comedic essay
11:20 PM- Rich Ferguson - spoken word
11:40 PM- Anne Walls* - comedic essay
12 Midnight- Movie Performance - When Harry Met Sally
2 AM- Brock Walters - comedy
2:20 AM - Joseph Mattson - Empty the Sun prose/audio recordings
2:40 AM - Joe Wengert - comedy, Upright Citizens Brigade
3 AM- Anna Metcalf - essay
4 AM- Karaoke Party! - musical!
6 AM- Sean Hill - spoken word
6:20 AM - Kate Gilbert - prose
7 AM- Vanessa Libertad Garcia - dark comedic fiction

*Esteemed Member of The Writers Junction

Featuring ART by ARTISTS:
Bethany Barton
Serena Zanello
It's awesome and it's for sale. 

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Story Structure for TV Specs & Pilot ScriptsSTORYWISE SEMINAR with consultant JEN GRISANTI

Saturday, July 17, 2010
 4:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.
 at The Writers Junction
1001 Colorado Ave., Santa Monica 90401

The cost of this event is $85.00
Register now on Jen's site here.
Limited space available.

This 2 1/2-hour exclusive seminar is all about guiding you to write standout TV spec & pilot scripts that increase your chances of getting staffed and selling a pilot.

Jen will:
-go in depth into story structure for television spec and pilot scripts 
-break down several current shows that make strong specs
-teach her formula that will help you write a strong spec script
-discuss pilot structure in the context of the top pilots picked this year
-use her workbook to break down those pilots' story structures so that you will learn how to improve your own writing
-cover universal moments, theme, symbolism & messages

Jen has rave reviews.  We recommend the video on her home page.

Jen Grisanti is a former Current Programs Executive for Spelling Television, Inc. & CBS/Paramount.  Jen created her consulting firm to help talented writers break into the industry.  Her goal is to empower you to give the studio executives what they want without compromising your talent and integrity.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Get Your Book Published - a FREE seminar

Get Your Book Published
FREE seminar
exclusive to The Writers Junction
with award-winning author
Gemini Adams

Tuesday, June 29, 2010
 7:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.
 at The Writers Junction
1001 Colorado Ave., Santa Monica 90401

R.S.V.P. here at EventBrite
Limited space available.  Open to members & non-members.

Choose the publishing path that's right for you:
In this 2 hr seminar, multiple Award-Winning author and Book Midwife, Gemini Adams, explores vanity, self, traditional and hybrid publishing with a detailed analysis of the pro's and con's, together with up-front costs, back-end returns, rights issues, royalties and what materials you actually need according to the path you choose.

This information will save you hours of your life that can be wasted writing book proposals, pursuing publishers who have no interest in your work, and can save you thousands that you might otherwise waste creating and self-publishing a product that won't sell anywhere!
This seminar is relevant for writers at all stages of the process, even those who've already been published and those who are yet to type a word.

Who is Gemini Adams?

geminiGemini Adams (we know you're wondering: her name sounds more like the cricket's than the astrological sign) has completed two bestselling books, received various awards, including the National Best Book Award 2009, Mom's Choice Gold Award 2010 and is a Finalist in the 2010 International Book Awards. She has secured publishing deals with the major houses of Sterling, Duncan Baird and Random House, both for herself and her clients, has self-published, self-publicized and started her own imprint, Live Consciously Publishing. Gemini also acts as a Book Midwife and has helped her clients birth over 20 new books-painlessly, without drugs, sweat or tears!

Friday, June 18, 2010

This Saturday night! Iron your lace glove.

What to do Saturday?  We know! Dress in 80s  gear and get yourself to the LA Film Fest FREE screening of  DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN with member screenwriter Leora Barish! 8pm @ 7th & Fig downtown.

Need a reminder of what it's all about?  Check out this LA Times spread.

Completion Not Perfection

How to Make the Most of Your Workday, Workweek, Workmonth
for writers (& other creative geniuses)
with career coach
David Brownstein

Thursday, June 24 2010
 6:30-8:00 p.m.
 at The Writers Junction
1001 Colorado Ave., Santa Monica 90401

open to members & nonmembers
limited space available
r.s.v.p. here at eventbrite

As one of our own members just said, "Don't let perfect be the enemy of done."  If your perfectionist tendencies are tying you up, or your fear of failure is holding you back, or the critic in your ear is yelling you silent, come to this productivity discussion.  We want you to break through.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Read, Perform, Recite: We Want YOU, Writers

Writers Junction Members!  Los Angeles-based writers! LA Musicians! LA Poets! We want YOU for the 24-Hour Literary Marathon! See details below! 
Please join The Writers Junction, in association with WordHustler and The Nervous Breakdown, on July 24th, 2010 for a 24-hour celebration to commemorate our shift to 24/7 access.

This literary event will star some of the literary, entertainment, and music world’s best and brightest including Jose Rivera, Obie Award winner and Academy Award nominee for THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES. The performances will be going for 24 hours straight, as will the food, drinks, and revelry.
There will be a silent auction, giveaways, a DJ spinning and you can check out the amazing workspace that is The Writers Junction. We’ll also donate a portion of the evening’s proceeds to The Young Storytellers Foundation.
Come check out The Junction, meet some fellow writers, and perform your work in front of a live audience and members of the press!

How Can I Get Involved with the 24-Hour Literary Marathon?
Funny you should ask. That’s why we’re sending you this info- we’d LOVE to have you involved! Whether you’re a poet, actor, screenwriter, novelist, journalist, or a little of all that- we’d love for you to sign up for an 8-minute (or less) spot. We’ll be going for 24 hours: we want you. We need you. We’ve got to have you!
Note: If your fantastical piece is longer than 8 minutes, let us know and we may be able to work something out.

What Kind of Material Can I Perform?
Since The Writers Junction is a workspace for writers and artists of every kind, that’s the vibe we’re celebrating in the 24-Hour Literary Marathon. Screenwriters can read a few scenes from their latest work, musicians can play some of their jams, poets and spoken word performers can read their brilliance, novelists, actors, and journalists can wow. If you wrote/composed/compiled it, we want to hear it.
What Are the Details for the 24-Hour Event?

The 24-Hour Literary Marathon will begin on Saturday, July 24th at 9 am and run for 24 glorious hours through 9 am on Sunday, July 25th.
The Writers Junction is located at 1001 Colorado Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90401. 
Parking is on the street and in the parking lot directly behind the building.
Note: If you are reading/performing, you need to arrive at least a half hour before your time slot, but you’ll want to come before that since we’re having the best entertainment around! Be sure to bring your friends/fans/groupies! 
Okay, I’m IN! What Do I Need to Do?

Huzzah! We’re so excited to have you! To reserve your spot, email and we'll send you a Sign-Up Sheet to fill out.
We can’t wait to experience your literary genius. Be sure to bring your friends to cheer you on (yes, even you 4 am kids!). Thanks so much for helping us make this event great. 
What’s The Writers Junction?

The Writers Junction is an affordable workspace for writers: where writers write. It's where you'll find the quiet of a library, the society of a coffee shop, the focus of a daily office, and the camaraderie of a private club.  It’s where you can work in solitude within a supportive community.  It's where you can be a member for less than the cost of a latte a day.  Visit for a free day pass.
What’s WordHustler?
WordHustler is the world's first online submission management platform for writers. We’ll help you find markets, compose letters, and physically and digitally send your projects out. We’ve helped people get agents, win contests, and more.  You're a should be spending your time writing.
What’s The Nervous Breakdown?
The Nervous Breakdown is an online literary magazine featuring the work of published and emerging authors and poets from around the world. Authors are featured in TNB’s Arts and CultureFiction, and Poetry sections.  Check them out!