Monday, March 21, 2011

Script Pipeline Writing Competitions 2011

Got a screenplay idea you've been dying to flesh out?  Can you already see your film playing in theaters worldwide?  Script Pipeline can help you make it happen.
9th Annual Script Pipeline 2011 Screenwriting
4th Annual Script Pipeline 2011 TV Writing
***Deadline: May 1, 2011***
Entry fee: $50
Special 20% Discount for Writers Junction members
Check your e-mail for the promo code!
To register and find out more about the contests, visit

From Script Pipeline:
Originally launched in 2002 as the Script P.I.M.P. (Pipeline Into Motion Pictures) competition, the contest sets its sights on discovering new and up-and-coming creative talent worldwide. 

The Script Pipeline contest as a whole has grown significantly over the past eight years and is now one of the largest competitions in the world as far as global reach and number of entrants.  In 2010, over 3,000 screenplays were received for the Screenwriting and TV Writing Competitions combined, thus far the biggest season yet and indicative of a steady growth over the last several years. The total monetary prizes increased in 2010 as well to $20,000 distributed across the top 20 finalist and winning writers.   

But Script Pipeline goes beyond simply awarding cash to screenwriters. Like a small handful of other competitions, our finalists are given industry circulation to approximately 200 qualified companies, including agents and managers, looking for new material.  Yet, unlike any other amateur screenwriting competition, finalists are given true one-on-one assistance. 
Here's a breakdown of what ALL finalists receive, beyond prizes:
  • Phone or in-person consultation with Script Pipeline's Director of Development to review the screenplay and receive additional, detailed notes 
  • Assistance in polishing the finalist's script before circulation
  • Query/logline review by one or more analysts 
  • A separate meeting with a Script Pipeline consultant to discuss marketability and strategy when sending out their work--who's looking for what, the current state of development, and most anything concerning the business side of the spec world
  • Access to active managers and producers looking for specific types of writers for paid writing assignments (*dependent on what leads we have at that time of the year).
  • The opportunity to send other screenplays or treatments to Script Pipeline for review by our Director of Development
  • Additional types of mentorship and professional support, such as help in navigating the industry from a career standpoint, or linking up with other talent for the purposes of self-producing 
The intent here is to not only support dedicated screenwriters as long as necessary, but allow our industry contacts to continuously receive upper-echelon material from current and previous finalists, with the ultimate goal of seeing these scripts financed and produced. 

Click here for more information about the Script Pipeline Screenwriting Competition, and here for more information about the Script Pipeline TV Writing Competition. 

About Script Pipeline
Script Pipeline is a full-service screenplay analysis and resource hub designed for writers, producers, and film industry professionals.  For over 10 years, Script Pipeline has been a leader in screenplay analysis, serving not only as a coverage service, but a link connecting up-and-coming writers with development executives. Through a composite directory, Script Pipeline has gathered the specific needs and submission guidelines of production and management companies, literary agencies, independent producers, and creative executives searching for scripts.  

Along with extensive resources, this information is available through their members-only Writers Database, where users may search through 1,300-plus listings. Database members also have the ability to send queries/loglines for free review and inquires about writing, film, and the industry in general. 

As well as annual screenplay and teleplay writing contests, the company continues to offer top-notch coverage services and the potential to have one's material circulated to production companies, agents, and managers through our Writers Workshop, which reviews screenplays, short scripts, and TV specs and pilots. Rave reviews and success stories continue to fuel the Workshop, as more and more writers benefit from Script Pipeline's wide array of offerings, from one-on-one consultations to basic story notes. This past year, the 2010 Screenwriting Competition garnered over 3,000 total entries, and the TV Writing Contest continued growth from 2009.


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