Thursday, February 17, 2011

Early Bird Gets the Movie Deal!

Is your film the next I Am Number Four?  Or will your creative vision take you Somewhere else?  Figure out the next move for your project with Making the Power Move from Amateur to Pro:

  • In-person seminar on selling a project and building a career 
  • Learn the unspoken rules and "secret handshakes" straight from Hollywood insiders
  • Shows how to move out of the amateur pool and start working

Establishing a career as an entertainment professional requires much more than just talent-it requires strategy.  Step out from behind that computer and approach the industry as a business person with a product to move and no time to waste. 

Making the Power Move from Amateur to Pro offers Insider knowledge on the strategizing, selling, politicking, self-agenting, reputation-building, and other business skills you need to establish a paid, lasting career in the industry. 

Taught by the executives and producers of Voyage Media, a company that has helped writers, producers, and directors package, polish and pitch over 1,100 high-profile entertainment projects in film, TV, and branded entertainment, this course provides a fresh-from-the-field perspective on building a career in an exclusive, seemingly impermeable industry.  It teaches you how to:

  • Avoid wasting time on the wrong ideas (and start spending time on the right ones)

  • Stop going it alone.  Choose supporters and delegate the way the pros do

  • Be your own agent - and use their best tricks to your advantage

  • Get ready to pitch and sell so you don't blow it when your moment comes

  • Build a reputation that will get you hired again and again

  • Spot and avoid the common mistakes everyone seems to keep making

You'll get frank and honest instruction - stuff you'll never read in the trades or the how-to books - on creating strategy and selling your work from the course speakers, including:

Jesse Israel
Jesse Israel is a feature film producer whose upcoming projects include AARON & SARA, starring Emma Roberts and Josh Hutcherson, and directed by Neil Patrick Harris. As a Vice President at Alcon Entertainment, he worked on films including THE BLIND SIDE, THE BOOK OF ELI, LOTTERY TICKET, and THE SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS 2.
Elizabeth Kushman
Elizabeth Kushman is a 10-year veteran of the entertainment industry who got her start as an office Production Assistant on Wes Craven's DRACULA 2000. Elizabeth went on to work at Kadokawa Pictures USA, as Vice President of Production and Dimension Films, where she supervised a diverse slate for Bob and Harvey Weinstein.

Victoria Foster
Victoria Foster has worked in film development since 2004.  She holds an MFA in Film Directing and Entertainment Business from the USC school of Cinema-Television, assisted a senior agent in the Motion Picture Literary Department at Creative Artists Agency, and pitched projects in the agency's Creative Group, to clients such as Hilary Swank, Cruise-Wagner, Flower Films, and many others, and served as Director of Development for two CAA motion picture directing clients.  She is now VP of Development & Production at Voyage Media.  

It's harder than ever to break in to entertainment in a real way, but those that do reap richer rewards than ever.  Sign up for Making the Power Move from Amateur to Pro now to find out how you can employ the right strategies to drive your career powerfully forward.    

Sunday, March 6, 2011
10 am - 6 pm
1001 Colorado Ave., Santa Monica 90401
The Early Bird Discount ($80 tickets) will be offered until FEBRUARY 27TH.  Tickets sold after Feb. 27th will cost $100, so buy your tickets today!
Purchase tickets here:
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Space is limited, and seats will be filled on a first-come-first-serve basis.

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