Thursday, November 11, 2010

Aspiring Journalists! Master Class in Narrative Journalism

Writers Junction Member Mike Kessler is teaching the following class toward a Certificate in Journalism at UCLA Extension January 11, 2010 - March 8, 2010:

Master Class in Narrative Journalism: Turning Facts into Stories

Call it what you like--narrative journalism, literary journalism, New Journalism--it all means the same thing: riveting, character-driven articles about the issues, pitfalls, and victories that affect individuals, groups, and sometimes the world. That can mean a death-row knuckle-clencher, a profile of the neighborhood grandma, or a curtain-raiser about a government department awash with corruption--and you can write about any of these once you acquire the right tools and understanding of the form. Because powerful narrative journalism requires multiple revisions, you spend nine weeks reporting, writing, and revising just two articles, with the goal of making at least one of them ready for publication in a newspaper, magazine, journal, or website. Along the way, you deconstruct great works of narrative journalism, learn how to identify and develop story-worthy characters; optimize reporter-subject relationships; develop characters; recognize and humanize complicated topics and themes; employ structure and pacing; and write clearly, using one's own voice. Includes guest lectures from accomplished journalists. Prerequisite: Proficiency in college-level writing. X 432 Reporting and Writing I recommended, but not required. Elective course in toward Certificates in Journalism.
UCLA: 154 Dodd Hall 
Tuesday, 7-10pm, 
January 11 - March 8 
9 meetings total

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