Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Why Not Try White Noise To Help You Focus?

Check out - a free site that broadcasts varieties of that fuzzy background sound.  It offers pink, brown and white noise (we didn't know what they all were either).  Some writers at The Junction swear by it to keep distracting noises out (not that we have any distracting noises here, no!) and the creative juices flowing.  Try it with Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones for an insanely hyper-focused environment.
If the sound bar takes too long to load, try the Simply Noise Classic interface.
What are these colored noises?  White noise and pink noise are produced by combining sounds of all different frequencies together.  Pink noise emphasizes lower frequencies, and, from what we can gather, brown noise emphasizes even lower ones.   
If you oscillate the pink or brown noise, it sounds a lot like the ocean.  Apparently some people use this sound to help them sleep. We've had all three sound choices on just while writing this post and are quite surprised to find ourselves feeling both calmer and more focused.  

Ok, time to nap work.

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