Tuesday, July 20, 2010

24 Hour Literary Marathon is here! Incredible Performances!


9 AM- Dennis Cruz - spoken word
9:20 AM- Johnny Walker - comedy
10 AM- Ashaki Jackson* - poetry
11:20 AM- Karen Forman & Co - improv
1 PM- Drew Droege - comedic essay
2 PM- David Francis - prose fiction Stray Dog Winter
2:20 PM - Ben Weber*- special scene specifically for the 24-hour marathon!
3 PM- James Greer - music/prose
3:40 PM- Lindsey Goldstein - memoir
4:30 PM- Author Panel featuring Deirdre Shaw*, Brad Listi, Mark Sarvas*, and Brooke Berman  
6 PM- LIFE UNEXPECTED Panel - featuring creator Liz Tigelaar & star Shiri Appleby
7 PM- Jose Rivera with Sona Tatoyan excerpt from premiere novel Love Makes the City Crumble
7:30 PM- Jillian Lauren - Some Girls: My Life in a Harem
7:50 PM- Joseph Powell - poetry
8 PM- Mark Rizzo* - comedic piece (about Scranton, PA people!)
8:20 PM - Dave Yaden - music performance
8:40 PM- Garrett Socol - play
9 PM- Mahogany Improv Group - Upright Citizens Brigade improv
10 PM- Ben Loory - prose short story
10:20 PM- John Singleton - poetry
10:40 PM- Nicole Wells - comedic essay
11:20 PM- Rich Ferguson - spoken word
11:40 PM- Anne Walls* - comedic essay
12 Midnight- Movie Performance - When Harry Met Sally
2 AM- Brock Walters - comedy
2:20 AM - Joseph Mattson - Empty the Sun prose/audio recordings
2:40 AM - Joe Wengert - comedy, Upright Citizens Brigade
3 AM- Anna Metcalf - essay
4 AM- Karaoke Party! - musical!
6 AM- Sean Hill - spoken word
6:20 AM - Kate Gilbert - prose
7 AM- Vanessa Libertad Garcia - dark comedic fiction

*Esteemed Member of The Writers Junction

Featuring ART by ARTISTS:
Bethany Barton  bethanybARTon.com
Serena Zanello ctrl-arch.com
It's awesome and it's for sale. 


  1. This sounds great, and I will definitely be there for a couple of the speakers. I am self-publishing a memoir of my own next month and currently run a pop culture blog on which it is partially based. I would love to chat with someone on Saturday about getting involved in similar events :D

  2. Is there any cost for these events? Specifically the 6 p.m. panel with Life Unexpected team?