Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Genesis Of The Junction

A few years ago as my sister Eileen and I were talking, we both wished we had a better place to write.  Somewhere where the distractions of home couldn't reach you: a place where you could work in a quiet room among other writers and get inspired by their dedication, just as they would be inspired by yours.

Then, as a cure for the necessary and sometimes mind-numbing isolation that is required to be productive as a writer, you'd walk out into the lounge and take a break. There you could grab a coffee and a little nosh, and talk to other writers about problems in your second act. You'd actually become friends with some of them. You'd start a writers group, and organize events where great writers and artists share their work and pass on their wisdom.

And suddenly you'd have set your life up to be a more productive writer and you'd be enjoying every minute of it because you are part of a community that supports you when you struggle and celebrates you in your successes, big and small.

In our minds it sounded awesome.

But we couldn't find anything like it in Los Angeles.

So we built it ourselves.

And we invite all writers to join us - from newbies to seasoned pros, from novelists to screenwriters to poets to copywriters.  If you are serious about being productive, we want you to be part of our community.

We're officially opening in January, but if you join now, you'll be a founding member.  You can come early and use the space, plus you get a huge deal on membership rates.

Just click here for founding member rates and membership info.  Then fill out an application.  We'll get right back to you.

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